Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Flings&Things

My very first Outfit of the Day video on YouTube is up!
 Hehe, hooray for accomplishments! So, I wore this outfit to my "first day of school." Not very exciting, but the outfit is cute :) I'm taking Spanish 204 and I love it-- my teacher is aweosme. Anyway, on my way in to class I got 9 once-overs in this little number! Comment below and let me know how many once-overs you get in your favorite outfit(s)! Hehe, hoorah for silly questions! What I wore in this video: Sundress by Joni Blair; Belt by Levi's; Shoes by 2 Mia; Vintage cover-up; Necklace hand-made by my sister (the one in sister <3 date) 

<3 KV
Have a fun, inspiring, and truly intriguing [fashion-filled] day!

P.S. Sorry for the bad lighting (and bad quality) in the video.  I'm hoping that my mom will let me start using her flip camera for my vids--fingers crossed! :)


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