Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer 2011

Hey Boys & Brats!
Okay, that was rude.
I apologize.

So (I say "so" about 10 times in every post), I've been gone 4 like, 4 ever. I've been doing this new thing called "having fun." It's interesting. I do things like go to parties, shop, play guitar, shop, go to the beach, shop.
Did I mention SHOP.
Well, I may as well take the time out of my fun filled day to catch ya'll up on a few things (and if you didn't realize, some of that was sarcasm).
Basically, I got a new job and celebrated the closing of my old restaurant job, did a lot of karaoke, started on a new "project" with my sister (I'll tell you more about that later), went to the beach, and saw a LOT of movies.
Most importantly, I made a big decision, but that's for a totally different post.
Hope you enjoy this little peek into my summer. Sorry it's been so long!

If you guys have questions about any outfits feel free to leave a comment! I normally put the details in, but the post was getting kind of long... :)
Peace, love, and style!
<3 Kelsey


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