Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selfishly Secluded


I'm selfishly secluded. I eat alone. I think alone. I work alone. I travel alone. Never have I done something with someone successfully--not for a long period of time at least. I'm terrible at group projects. I shut down and keep my opinions to myself. Never have I messed up a relationship. I shut down and keep my opinions to myself. Constantly I wait for someone to notice my quiet grace. Always do I long for something to take me away to a place where I can express myself indefinitely...Am I random? Yes. Am I rambling? Of course I am. That's what I do best. It runs in the family. So does thinking too much--but that gene shuts down when I write. Like right now. What am I doing? Why am I talking to myself pretending that someone is listening.
If you're listening, if you know I'm here, tell me.
I promise I'm not crazy. Just open.
[ <3 ]


  1. I hate to do things alone,I feel lonely :(

  2. hey lvoe dur blgo visite form more :)

  3. You rock my socks