Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Skreet Peeps

Hey ya'll
How was your monday night? Mine was good--well, as good as monday nights can be I guess :) My sister and I went to go see that new "scary" movie, Fright Night. If you love laughing at badly made movies, this is the one to go see. That and Pro-Life. Haha...ahhh, memories. Anywho, this post was going to be on our outfits, but we were too tired when we got back to take more pictures (yes, excuses excuses). So, I'll put up the two we did take, and then fill your brain with pictures of gorgeous people I found while walking in various places. Lovely? Yes.

 Isn't he hot? Just sayin..
 They were rude, but very cute ;)
He was the sweetest! And so adorable (perfect example of how-to wear graphic tees)
Love this chick's ink.

[Live life to the fullest]

Pictures taken by Kelsey Vivien


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